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 What we do


Olsilva is essentially devoted to the management of industrial and urban waste, having a wide fleet of transport and containers for collection.


In the facilities, Olsilva has equipment that allows the sorting and handling of waste, with a view to recovery.


Apart from industrial collection, the company welcomes material from other waste management operators in its facilities.


The waste that is received in Olsilva, after the reception, is then discharged in appropriate places. Afterwards, the operation of sorting waste and environmental storage for later forwarding is performed.

We also do the cancellation of end of life vehicles. For that matter, it is necessary to proceed with the following steps:


  • - Original vehicle papers and register of vehicle ownership or vehicle registration certificate.
  • - Identity card and VAT number or Citizen Card of the owner.
  • - Document proving the cancellation or termination of Property Reserve, if any.
  • - Model 9 of IMTT signed by the owner of the vehicle or in case of companies, signed and recognized notarially.


Upon verification of the above steps, it will be issued a “certificate of destruction”, which must be signed by the owner.






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